Meet the Artists

Benita Runion

Benita can’t remember when she wasn’t sewing.  Over the years she has sewn a wide range of items including wedding gowns and formal attire for both men and women.  She has sewn large and small garments for dolls, children and adults throughout her career.  

She has generously shared her talents with  4-H youth as a Sewing project mentor, off and on for over 40 years.  Since she retired she has enjoyed learning new skills including machine embroidering and quilting.  She is alway up to any challenge that might arise in the future as long as it involves fabric!  

Cathy Stevens 

Cathy was an elementary art teacher for several years at a local private school. Because of budget cuts, she lost her beloved job.  As an artist & art teacher she has a collection of art supplies, just in case she  comes up with a ‘great’ idea. Quilting is an art that has often intrigued her, while sewing with precision has not been a joy. She is attracted to the colors & patterns. Since she has difficulty creating those balanced squares with a sewing machine she came up with the idea of setting up the designs on paper. 

Cathy says, “I have always found symmetry, balance & order a concept in art that speaks to me of those times in my life when I need it in my circumstances.”  She incorporates a variety of repurposed materials in her works including paper, cloth, ribbon, beads, buttons, printmaking, etc. Her joy is creating whimsical fanciful & colorful quilt inspired wall art. 

Cynthia Heren

Cynthia grew up around quilting and sewing with a grandmother who quilted and a mother who sewed elaborate halloween costumes each year.  She learned the basics of sewing as a child but didn’t pursue the hobby until adulthood. Cynthia picked up quilting as a long distance shared hobby with her mother in 2008 and has been creating ever since.  

Cynthia prefers to sew for functional purposes, creating mostly clothing and bags and purses.  She is working to pass her skills down to the next generation as her children often ask to create alongside her. You will also find her working behind the scenes here at Twice the Quilt as the marketing director.  

Denise Kellett

Denise has been sewing for over 50 years.  She learned to sew in Girl Scouts and school when she was 12 years old.  After retiring in 2016 she began teaching classes. She was awarded Babylock Educator of the year in 2019 for her dedication to teaching. 

Recently she relocated to Neenah, Wisconsin and is concentrating on sewing for fun. She also enjoys embroidery and using her long arm to finish quilts.  She enjoys making all types of purses and bags for Twice the Quilt and More.

Jean Riley

​​Jean picked up sewing 15 years ago after many years away from the hobby.  She began making small quilts and simple bags.  When she discovered a nearby retreat center for quilters, she made many fast friends.  At the retreat center she has learned new skills and techniques from the other quilters.  Now she enjoys making handbags in a full range of sizes.  

Kati Vanevenhoven

Kati got her start in a custom apparel shop, embroidering company logos on shirts and hats.  She quickly picked up the craft and her eye for detail made her a natural.  She purchased her own embroidery machine and enjoys making projects for the home.   She excels at making mug rugs, ornaments, and small items for all occasions.  When she isn’t sewing she is cheering on her Green Bay Packers.  . 

Kim Kaarto

Kim learned to sew as a teen making garments and household items, setting it aside for years in favor of the on-the-go crafts of crocheting and knitting while riding to work and other long drives.  

After being captivated by a quilt top at a thrift store and asking a friend to help her finish it, Kim found her way back to the sewing machine and quilting.  Her quilting projects are both big and small from placemats to large bed quilts.  

Laura Harris

Laura is from Crawfordsville, Indiana.  She started sewing in 1991 making home décor items and some maternity tops. After taking a class on making quilts at a local store she became hooked.  After her mom purchased a sewing machine that could also do embroidery, she purchased one too. 

Currently Laura splits her sewing time between embroidery, quilts, and home décor items like pillows, table runners, and mug rugs.  She loves that she shares this hobby with her mom in addition to the creative process of making beautiful, custom items for herself and others.

Marge Houghland

Marge made her first doll quilt before she started school.  She started quilting by hand as her mom said she was too young to use a treadle machine.  Finally at 6 she convinced her mother to let her sew on the machine.  She began seriously quilting after retiring from a 30 year teaching career.  She has been sewing for over 80 years and still loves it.

In her retirement she continues to teach others what she loves doing, as a teacher at her local quilt shop.  Marge says, ”I enjoy trying to teach others to enjoy sewing as much as I enjoy it.”

Mary Shroyer

Mary learned to sew as a 4-H member at the age of 10. She enjoyed the project so much she chose it every year after.  As a mother she later put her skills to work making items for her children to wear and sewing doll clothes for her daughter. She also made clothes for herself.  As her daughter grew she made many long formal dresses for my daughter’s special events. 

Later she fell in love with machine embroidery and made several quilts, wall hangings, & crafts with these skills. Mary belongs to the American Sewing Guild, Sugar Creek Quilters, & the Knotters at her local church where they make quilts & other charity projects. 

Melody Simeone

Melody took her first quilt class in 1986 and has been creating ever since.  She has grown to love the process of choosing fabrics for each project, sometimes starting with only two to three fabrics, adding more as she  goes along. She says, “Many modern fabric designers are releasing bright bold fabrics which I challenge myself to include in my projects.”  She also enjoys including hand embroidery in her many projects.

At the shop you will find purses, small zippered bags, table runners/table toppers, placemats, potholders, and fabric baskets made by Melody. She is thankful for the support of her husband, and family  in her sewing.  When not sewing, she  enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and cherishes their time each summer in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

Vicki Ash

Everyone in Vicki’s family had some craft that used their hands and heads.  With both of her grandmothers being quilters, she was bound to catch the bug.  In 1975 she started making utility quilts for her family and once everyone was well supplied she turned to making quilts for charity and for fun. 

Since moving to Door County her style has changed.  Her quilts have become more “artsy,” influenced by the classes she has taken and this beautiful place!